Tuesday, May 16, 2017

First Date Fuck - Illustrated Sex Story of Couple Who Fuck on their First Date

First Date Fuck

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First Date Fuck
John had broken up with girlfriend of several years. He hadn't thought about a new girl for awhile. One of his friends recommended going to the party for his union at work. He didn't think much of it. But Friday came and he was there. He stood 6'6" with a hot bulge in his pants. He was super endowed for a white guy and girls just wanted to "get with him". At the party, he met a couple of friends he knew from work and was chatting up a storm. He went to take a leak and saw a hot blonde. She stood 5' 5" and round in all the right places. He couldn't tell from a distance but she looked like she had green eyes. She was quite intriguing. After taking a leak, he headed over to her and asked her to dance. Drake was piping in the bar and people were getting down on the dance floor. They soon worked up a sweat and decided to chill out at the balcony.
The balcony was a cool place with views of the city that went on and on. They talked about their love lives. She was single and looking to mingle. They looked each other in the eyes sensing this could be the one and they started kissing. From the balcony, hand in hand, they made their way to one of nooks in the bar with no one around. She unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and started sucking it. She looked at it first with amazement. It was at least ten inches and not fully hard. As she sucked the penis it got harder and harder. He motioned her up and rubbed the cock around her pussy. As he did she started squirting pussy cum. He then entered her tight pussy and plowed his cock slowly at first then worked his way to a fast mechanical beat. "I'm gonna cum" he moaned and blew his load deep in her pussy.
They exchanged digits, stayed in touch fucking every couple of weeks, then every couple of days, and several years later got engaged and then married.